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The aim of research is to determine the effect of air distributor on bubble characteristics, that cover; minimum fluidization velocity, shape and size of the bubble and the bubble velocity in bubbling fluidized bed with several particle. The research was conducted by using 2-dimensional fluidized bed installation which made of glass with a size of 260 x 35 x 800 mm. There were three types of air distributor that used to study, namely; Type 1 (3 holes distributor), Type 2 (5 holes distributor) and distributor type 3 (7 holes distributor). Whereas particles which used are: with 100% of quartz sand particles, a mixture of 75% of sand particles, 21.7% of coke,3.3% of chalks and 80% of sand mixture particles, 5% of cokes, 15% of chalk. The value of the minimum fluidization velocity is determined from the point at which the air flow into bed added and the pressure in the bed was constant. Then, air flow is converted to the superficial velocity. Methods of measurement and observation of bubbles is done by using a video camera. Video file is converted into an image to be analyzed as bubble shape, bubble size and bubble velocity. for particles of 100% quartz-sand and a mixture of 75% of sand particles, 21.7% of cokes, 3.3% of chalks where observations were done at discharge air flow into the bed that 20 lpm, 25 lpm and 22.5 lpm which if converted into superficial velocity equal 0.074 m/s, 0.083 m/s and 0.092 m/s respectively, whereas for a mixture particles 80% of sand, 5% of cokes, 15% of chalks where air flow that used were 10 lpm, 15 lpm and 12.5 lpm or 0.046 m/s, 0.055 m/s and 0.065 m/s. Data of bubble size and its velocity were analyzed with statistical methods then compared to determine the effect of the hole to the size and velocity of the bubble. The results show that the number of holes in the air distributor effect on the minimum fluidization velocity where greater number of holes caused the minimum fluidization velocity went down. Analysis of the data shows the size of all types of particles, the number of holes on the air distributor had affect the equivalent diameter of the bubble that fewer the number of holes tend to produce larger bubble size. Unlike the bubble size, the influence of the number of air holes on the velocity of the bubble shows a different trend for each type of particle. In the mixed particle distributors with less number of holes produced higher bubbles velocity, while at the 100% of sand particles are increasingly corpulent number of holes produces larger bubbles velocity.

Kata kunci : The air distributor, Minimum Fluidization velocity, Bubble equivalent diameter, Bubble velocity

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