e-Journal Langganan

Journal of ICT Research and Applications

Volume 11, No 2, April 2017 ISSN 2337-5787
Penerbit : Institut Teknologi Bandung
A Chemical Reaction Optimization Approach to Prioritize the Regression Test Cases of Object-Oriented Programs
Sudhir Kumar Mohapatra1,* & Srinivas Prasad2
Passive Available Bandwidth Estimation Based on Collision Probability and Node State Synchronization in Wireless Networks
Adhi Rizal* & Yoanes Bandung
Performance Improvement of LeastSquares Adaptive Filter for High-Speed Train Communication Systems
Irma Zakia* & Adit Kurniawan
A Comprehensive Survey of Data Mining Techniques on Time Series Data for Rainfall Prediction
Neelam Mishra1, Hemant Kumar Soni2,*, Sanjiv Sharma3 & A.K. Upadhyay2
Hybrid Neural Network and Linear Model for Natural Produce Recognition Using Computer Vision
Joko Siswantoro1,*, Anton Satria Prabuwono2,3, Azizi Abdullah2 & Bahari Indrus2
A Printed PAW Image Database of Arabic Language for Document Analysis and Recognition
Bilal Bataineh