e-Journal Langganan

Jurnal Telkomnika (Telekomunikasi Komputasi Elektronika Kendali)

Volume 12, No 4, December 2014 ISSN 1693-6930
Penerbit : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Improving the Dielectric Properties of High Density Polyethylene by Incorporating Clay-Nanofiller
Ossama E. Gouda*1, Sohair F. Mahmoud2, Ahmed A. El-Gendy3, Ahmed S. Haiba4
Two-Dimensional Imaging Algorithm Based on Linear Prognosis for Space Target in Bistatic ISAR System
Xueping Lu*, Shapu Ren
Spectrum Comparative Study of Commutation Failure and Short-Circuit Fault in UHVDC Transmission System
Chen Shi-long, Rong Jun-xiang, Bi Gui-hong, Li Xing-wang, Cao Rui-rui
High Recognition Ratio Image Processing Algorithm of Micro Electrical Components in Optical Microscope
Wu Jie1,2, Feng Zuren 1, Wang Lei 3
Multi Facial Blurring using Improved Hénon Map
Saparudin*1, Ghazali Sulong2, Muhammed Ahmed Saleh2
Information Support Technology of Ship Survey Based on Case-based Reasoning
Cao Jiyin*1, Fan Shidong1, Lu Wen1, Liu Haiyun2
Large Crowd Count Based on Improved SURF Algorithm
Haining Zhang*1, Huanbo Gao2
An Improved Entity Similarity Measurement Method
Gang lv*1,2, Cheng Zheng2, Sheng-bing Chen3
Optimization Research of the OLAP Query Technology Based on P2P
Chunfeng Wang
Prediction and Realization of DO in Sewage Treatment Based on Machine Vision and BP Netural Network
Liu Liping*, Li Zhigang, Sunjinsheng, Liangna School of Information Engineering, Hebei United Univer
A New Algorithm for Detecting Local Community Based on Random Walk
Yueping Li1,2, Weikun Zheng3
Cost Forecasting Model of Transmission Project based on PSO-BP Method
Yan Lu1, Dongxiao Niu2, Bingjie Li3, Weidong Liu4
Windows Communication Foundation for Banyumas Tourism and Culinary Information System
Yuli Purwati1, Fandy Setyo Utomo*2
Cooperative Avoidance Control-based Interval Fuzzy Kohonen Networks Algorithm in Simple Swarm Robots
Siti Nurmaini1, Siti Zaiton2, Ricy Firnando3
Non-Planar MOSFET Modeling with Analytical Approach
Munawar A Riyadi1*, Darjat2, Teguh Prakoso3, Jatmiko E. Suseno4
Unambiguous Acquisition for Galileo E1 OS Signal Based on Delay and Multiply
Deng Zhongliang*1, Xi Yue2, Jiao Jichao3, Yin Lu4
Application of Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization in Wavelet Neural Network
Cuijie Zhao*1, Guozhen Wang2
Image Fuzzy Enhancement Based on Self-Adaptive Bee Colony Algorithm
Meng Lei*1, Yao Fan2
Wireless Sensor Based Hybrid Architecture for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
Kashif Naseer Qureshi1, Abdul Hanan Abdullah*2, Raja Waseem Anwar3
Trusted Node-Based Algorithm to Secure Home Agent NATed IPv4 Network from IPv6 Routing Header Attacks
Mohamed Shenify
Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
V. Windha Mahyastuty*1, A. Adya Pramudita2
Face Recognition Using Invariance with a Single Training Sample
Qian Tian