e-Journal Langganan

Journal of ICT Research and Applications

Volume 9, No 3, November 2015 ISSN 2337-5787
Penerbit : Institut Teknologi Bandung
Design of Chebychev’s Low Pass Filters Using Nonuniform Transmission Lines
Said Attamimi & Mudrik Alaydrus
Evaluating e-Government and Good Governance Correlation
Suhardi1, Alfira Sofia2 & Agustinus Andriyanto3
Ultrafast and Efficient Scalable Image Compression Algorithm
Ali Kadhim Jaber Al-Janabi
Disaster Recovery Framework for Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka
Mueen Uddin1, Sandun Hapugoda2 & Roop Chand Hindu3
Rhetorical Sentences Classification Based on Section Class and Title of Paper for Experimental Technical Papers
Afrida Helen*, Ayu Purwarianti & Dwi. H. Widyantoro