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Jurnal Telkomnika (Telekomunikasi Komputasi Elektronika Kendali)

Volume 14, No 4, March 2016 ISSN 1693-6930
Penerbit : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Novel Design of LLC Resonant Converter with Peak Gain Adjustment
P. Kowstubha , K. Krishnaveni , K. Ramesh Reddy
A Soft Error Study on Tri-gate Based FinFET and Junctionless-FinFET 6T SRAM Cell - A Comparison
P. Chitra , S. Ravi , V. N. Ramakrishnan
Chaos-Enhanced Cuckoo Search for Economic Dispatch with Valve Point Effects
M. W. Mustafa, Abdirahman M. Abdilahi, M. Mustapha
Analysis of Transmission Lightning Arrester Locations Using Tflash
M. I. Jambak , Z. Nawawi , R.F. Kurnia , Z. Buntat, M. A. B. Sidik , Y. Z. Arief , A. A. Wahab ,
Evaluation of Residential Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System as the Potential Energy Source in Malaysia
S. S. Abd Wahid, Z. Nawawi, M. I. Jambak, Y. Z. Arief , M. A. B. Sidik , M. W. Mustafa, Z. Adzis
Optimal Modulation Algorithm for Hybrid Clamped Three-Level Inverter
Yi Liu, Guojun Tan , Xiaoqun He
Design of Single-Stage Flyback PFC Converter for LED Driver
Wang Qi, Wu Jie, Baohua-Lang
Multi channel Data Aquisition System f or Mo nitoring Supercapacitor Module a nd Cells
Nirwan Syarif, Assaidah
A Modelling and Simulation of a Sensorless Control of Five-phase PMSM Drives using Multi-dimension Space Vector Modulation
Kamel Saleh, Mark Sumner
Fault Diagnosis in Medium Voltage Drive Based on Combination of Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine
Xudong Cao, Shaozhe Zhou, Jingze Li, Shaohua Zhang
Particle Filtering Approach for GNSS RAIM and FPGA Implementation
Ershen Wang, Fuxia Yang, Gang Tong, Pingping Qu, Tao Pang
Numerical Investigation of a New Junctionless Phototransistor for High-performance and Ulta-low Power Infrared Communication Applications
H. Ferhati , F. Djeffal , T. Bentercia
Power Synthesis of Mask-Constrained Shaped Beams Through Maximally-Sparse Planar Arrays
Andrea Francesco Morabito