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Journal Of Engineering and Technology Sciences

Volume 45, No 2, February 2013 ISSN 1978-3051
Penerbit : Institut Teknologi Bandung
Modification of Attenuation Rate in Range Normalization of Echo Levels for Obtaining Frequency-Dependent Intensity Data from 0.6 MHz and 1.0 MHz Devices
Poerbandono& Totok Suprijo
The Influence of Cross-Sectional Shape and Orientation of Micropillar Surface on Microdroplet Formation by a Dewetting Process
Bambang Arip Dwiyantoro1 & Shiu-Wu Chau2
Velocity versus Offset (VVO) Estimation Using Local Event Correlation and Its Application in Seismic Processing and Analysis
Supriyono, Awali Priyono, Wahyu Triyoso & Hilman Mardiyan
CH4 Emission Model from Water: Implications for Bos Primigenius Waste in Fish Integrated Livestock-Fish Farming Systems -
Joshua O. Okeniyi1, Adedamola O. Uchechukwu E. Ogunsanwo1, Nosadeba W. Odiase1, Obiajulu1 & Elizabet
Numerical Study of Split-type Air Conditioner an Ejector as an Expansion Device in s for Energy Savings
Kasni Sumeru1, Shodiya Sulaimon 1, Farid Nasir Ani1 & Henry Nasution2,3*
Determination of Oxidation over Pt/ Kinetic Parameters for Methane γ-Al2O3 in a Fixed-Bed Reactor
Vita Wonoputri1, Mohammad Effendy 1, Yogi Wibisono Budhi1, Yazid Bindar2 & Subagjo1
Behavior of Natural Estrogens in Activated Sludge: Biodegradation in Semicontinuous Reactor under Aerobic, Anaerobic and Sequential Anaerobic/Aerobic Conditions
Reni Desmiarti 1,2 & Fusheng Li3
CH4 Emission Model from Bos Primigenius Waste in Fish- Water: Implications for Integrated Livestock-Fish Farming Systems
Joshua O. Okeniyi1, Adedamola O. Ogunsanwo1, Nosadeba W. Odiase1, Uchechukwu E. Obiajulu1 & Elizabe