e-Journal Langganan

Journal Of Engineering and Technology Sciences

Volume 46, No 3, May 2014 ISSN 1978-3051
Penerbit : Institut Teknologi Bandung
Synthesis of Nanocrystalline of Lanthanum Doped NaTaO3 and Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Production
Husni Husin, Komala Pontas, Yuliana Sy, Syawaliah & Saisa
Use of Pulse-Energized Electrostatic Precipitator to Remove Submicron Particulate Matter in Exhaust Gas
Vishnu Thonglek & Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
Utilization of Cassava Starch in Copolymerisation of Superabsorbent Polymer Composite (SAPC)
Akhmad Zainal Abidin, Tiara Puspasari & Hafis Pratama Rendra Graha
Calculating Intrinsic and Extrinsic Camera Parameters Based on the PnP Problem
Yue Zhao, Yalin Wang & Qian Cui
Dynamic Behavior of Reverse Flow Reactor for Lean Methane Combustion
Yogi W. Budhi, M. Effendy, Yazid Bindar & Subagjo
Investigation of Shear Stud Performance in Flat Plate Using Finite Element Analysis
T.S. Viswanathan, G. Mohan Ganesh& A.S. Santhi
Uplift of Kelud Volcano Prior to the November 2007 Eruption as Observed by L-Band Insar
Ashar Muda Lubis
On Active Surge Control of Compression Systems via Characteristic Linearization and Model Nonlinearity Cancellation
Yohannes S.M. Simamora, Harijono A. Tjokronegoro & Edi Leksono