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Jurnal Of Information Technology Education : Research

Volume 15, No , 2016 ISSN 1539-3585
Penerbit : Informing Science Institute
The Correlation between Temperament, Technology Preference, and Proficiency in Middle School Students
Sabrina Colvin-Sterling
Exploring the Self-Reported ICT Skill Levels of Undergraduate Science Students
Dirk Heerwegh, Kurt De Wit
An Analysis of the Content, Policies and Assessment of ICT Curricula in the Final Years of Secondary Schooling in Australia and Vietnam: A Comparative Educational Study
Thang Manh Tran and Dorian Stoilescu
Determining the Effects of LMS Learning Behaviors on Academic Achievement in a Learning Analytic Perspective
Mehmet Firat
The Relationship between Social Presence and Critical Thinking: Results from Learner Discourse in an Asynchronous Learning Environment
Jamie Costley and Christopher Lange
Evaluating the Effect of Arabic Engineering Students’ Learning Styles in Blended Programming Courses
Ahmed Al-Azawei, Ali Al-Bermani, and Karsten Lundqvist
Significant Structuring Resources in the Reading Practices of a Digital Classroom
Lisa Molin and Annika Lantz-Andersson
Online Education and Its Effective Practice: A Research Review
Anna Sun and Xiufang Chen
The Effectiveness of the Gesture-Based Learning System (GBLS) and Its Impact on Learning Experience
Moamer Shakroum, Kok Wai Wong, and Lance Chun Che Fung
Integrating ICT in Teacher Colleges - A Change Process
Noga Magen-Nagar and Ditza Maskit
Reducing the Digital Divide among Children Who Received Desktop or Hybrid Computers for the Home
Gila Cohen Zilka
The Adoption of Blended E-learning Technology in Vietnam using a Revision of the Technology Acceptance Model
Khanh Ngo Nhu Tran
Code to Learn: Where Does It Belong in the K-12 Curriculum?
Jesús Moreno-León, Gregorio Robles and Marcos Román-González
Preparedness for eHealth: Health Sciences Students’ Knowledge, Skills, and Confidence
Mary K. Lam, Monique Hines, Robyn Lowe, Srivalli Nagarajan, Melanie Keep, Merrolee Penman, and Emma
A Face-to-Face Professional Development Model to Enhance Teaching of Online Research Strategies
Fatima E. Terrazas-Arellanes, Carolyn Knox, Lisa A. Strycker, and Emily Walden
Analysis of an Asynchronous Online Discussion as a Supportive Model for Peer Collaboration and Reflection in Teacher Education
Romina Plešec Gasparič and Mojca Pečar
Predicting the Probability for Faculty Adopting an Audience Response System in Higher Education
Tan Fung Ivan Chan, Marianne Borja, Brett Welch, and Mary Ellen Batiuk