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Energy - E fficient Compressive Data Gathering Utilizing Virtual Multi - Input Multi - Output

Fang Jiang , Yanjun Hu


Data gathering is an attractive operation for obtaining information in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). But one of important challenges is to minimize energy consumption of networks. In this paper, an integration of distributed compressive sensing (CS) andvirtual multi-input multi-output (vMIMO) in WSNs is proposed to significantly decrease the data gathering cost. The scheme first constructs a distributed data compression model based on low density parity check-like (LDPC-like) codes. Then a cluster-based dynamic virtual MIMO transmission protocol is proposed. The number of clusters, number of cooperative nodes and the constellation size are determined by a new established optimization model under the restrictions of compression model. Finally, simulation results show that the scheme can reduce the data gathering cost and prolong the sensor network’s lifetime in a reliable guarantee of sensory data recovery quality.

Kata kunci : Keywords : data gathering, compressive sensing, virtual MIMO, energy optimization

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