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FPGA-based Digital Baseband Transmission System Performance Tester Research and Design

Huimin Duan , Juanjuan Gu , Guohua Hu , and Qian Zhang


Communication System Transmission Performance Tester, as a digital communication system de-sign and testing equipment, plays an important role in the construction and daily maintenance of the com-munication system. The paper presents a kind of tester, which is designed using Cyclone IV FPGA (FieldProgrammable Gata Array) and VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuits Hardware Description Lan-guage). According to the features in the eye diagram, the system performance can intuitively and qualita-tively evaluated. The results prove that the system accurately displayed the eye diagram, thereby reflectedthe performance of the baseband transmission system truthfully.

Kata kunci : Keyword: communication system,transmission performance,FPGA, bit synchronization,eye diagram

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