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H ybrids Otsu M ethod, Feature region and Mathematical Morphology for Calculating Volume Hemorrhage Brain on CT - Scan Image and 3D Reconstruction

Sumijan , Sarifuddin Madenda , Johan Harlan , Eri Prasety o Wibowo


Hemorrhage in the brain is a process of pathological culture from the tissues of the brain with the strength of the external mechanical, which cause physical disorders, cognitive function, and psychosocial support. Brain bleeding can cause was bruised, network torn, bleeding and brain damage or death.Segmentation techniques can be done with the Scanner computed tomography images (CT-scan) to detect the abnormalities or bleeding of the brain which occurs in the brain. This research describes the taking of anarea of the brain bleeding on each image slice CT-scan and reconstruction 3D, to visualize the image of the 3D and calculate the volume of the brain bleeding. Extraction of bleeding area of the brain is based on a hybrids of Otsu algorithm, morphological features algorithm algorithm and an area of bleeding. For the reconstruction of 3D area on the area of bleeding from a slice 2D is done by using a linear interpolation approach.

Kata kunci : Keywords: CT - scan, featured region, O t su, morphology, volume area, incision brain injury

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