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Multiple Regression to Analyse Social Graph of Brand Awareness

Yahya Peranginangin, Andry Alamsyah


Social Network Analysis (SNA) has become a common tool to conduct social and business research. SNA can be used to measure how well a marketing campaign affect conversation in social media. A good marketing campaign is expected to stimulate conversation between users in social media. In this paper we use SNA metrics to understand the nature of network of top brand awareness products. We analyses networks structure of social media conversation regarding cellular service provider and smartphone brand in Indonesia that achieve top brand awareness in 2015. We use conversational datasets acquired from Twitter. To get more understanding we also compare the result with network structure of knowledge dissemination. We use multiple regression algorithm, a machine learning algorithm that is extension of linear regression, to analyses network properties to get insight on the correlation of the network structure and brand awareness rank of a product. The result suggests how we should define network properties in brand awareness context.

Kata kunci : Keywords : machine learning, brand awareness, social network analysis , regression

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